Lessons I have Learned from Blogging

I have only been blogging for a mere 4 months, feels far longer eh!Well to me it does, 85 post in 15 weeks and a brand new website on the way in the next few days, it has been a whirlwind. Blogging is exactly what I needed when we moved back to Ireland, as I needed something to occupy myself with & to keep my mind working somewhat while I was not working. Yes, being a stay at home mum is more than a full time job, however when we moved to a new place, I did not know anyone, and while Amelia was napping, I felt I needed something to fill the void that was left after London life. This time use to be filled with baby groups, coffees, lunches and meeting up with friends.


I have always read beauty blogs, and when I was pregnant I started to read parent blogs and forums. Here is what I have learned from writing my own blog and from reading the blogs I love to follow:

1. Content Is King

You can have the most flashy,pretty and “techie” blog around, but if the content is not worth reading, then it will not do well. The blogs I like to read have great posts, day after day.In fact, I rather blogs that do not post everyday,as the writer can become repetitive, but that is a personal choice. Fresh posts, with enthusiasm and passion for what is being written, must in my eyes come across in your post, to keep your readers coming back for more.

2. Sometimes Blogging is Overwhelming

When I’m not blogging, I feel I should be, or reading and commenting on other blogs. When I am blogging I feel guilty that I should be doing something else (housework, spending time with my husband etc). I never blog when Amelia is awake, unless her daddy is here. I promised myself from the very beginning that it would not interfere with my time with her. Some days I panic as I have complete “Bloggers Block”, and cannot think if a single thing to write about. I read on a blog once, when you cannot think about anything to write about, take your camera out and picture your day, something will “pop out” in the pictures that will help you along the way.

3. Blogging Bullies

Yes, they are out there!!I have been lucky up to now, not to my knowledge, have had any negative feedback, but I have seen this in blogging forums, groups and other blogs. Haters are always going to be there, my advice…keep going, they are only jealous and ignore them.

4.Blogging Lovers image The people I love the most. My regular readers, commenters and always there with a thumbs up! Remember when blogging or reading a blog, leave a comment, whether it is good or indifferent, feedback is always appreciated, and gives the writer a better insight into who is reading their posts and what is working or not.

5. Say Cheese – Pictures Please


When I first started blogging, I did not realise the significance of pictures. Firstly, I know now, that I’m more likely to keep reading a blog post with pictures. It keeps the blog post flowing, ensuring it does not come across like an essay. We like to visualise what we are reading, and this helps the reader to stay focused on your post.

6.Social Media



I have always loved dipping into social media sites,be it  (showing age) Bebo, Facebook & recently Instagram. However since I have started blogging, I have had to dive into social media,learning how to keep up by adding, Twitter, Bloglovin and Pininterest into my mental list of things to keep interacting with while blogging.

7. Reaping the Awards for Hard Work

You get back what you put into your blog posts. the days you don’t try as hard, or write a post half heartedly (would I ever!!),  you will see it in your blog post responses and views. When you give your blog posts 100% you reap the rewards! with positive feedback.

8. Nothing in This Life is Free

We often get sent some beautiful things to review, however, do not mistake these for being free. The time it takes to review and write on these products, plus the other posts that are written in my free time, I have paid for them in time. We are always grateful for what we are sent, however I would advise, only ever accept a product that is suited to your blog, and that you would buy and use regardless of it being sent for review.

What have your learned from blogging? If you are not a blogger,but read them,what keeps you reading a certain blog?

T & A xxxx

8 thoughts on “Lessons I have Learned from Blogging

  1. Such great tips T! I’m not far ahead of you, in terms of the length of time I’ve been blogging, and it really has become a whole new way of life for me too! I totally agree with how it can become overwhelming – I’m in a constant state of guilt about not having time to comment, or feeling like I’m neglecting the kids because of it, but I think the balance will come in time. So glad to have found you sweetpea, you should come and join in with the Love the Little Things linky at butwhymummywhy tomorrow – really lovely girls, you’d fit right in! Xxx

  2. Ooo I hear you on the overwhelming!! I, glad I haven’t come across any bullies here’s hoping u never do!! Great post 🙂

  3. You’ll want to give up! That’s what I find. Every so often I get a “god, I need a break for ever” and then, THEN someone says something nice about a blog post or the column and I’m all “THIS is why I do it.” It’s not really but a nice soothing ego stroke is nothing to be flung back either.

  4. Wow you have learned very quickly! I am blogging over a year now, and still post most days. I love writing, and interacting online. I had a dreadful year last year and the online community were a great help and support.
    I have never met an online bully and never feel like giving up, but I do so get the guilt. I have quite a number of followers and it is difficult to read as much as I would like. I have begun to write at night as I feel guilty when I do by day.
    Welcome home by the way, hope you settle in well.

  5. Fab tips thank you! I’ve only been blogging about 6 weeks or so and so I’m learning the way of blogging slowly! I do get gaps of bloggers block but like the tip of taking the camera out! Xx

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