Olives & Applesauce Baby Carier Review

The benefits of using baby carriers, aka babywearing, has been scientifically documented since the late ‘80s. Carrying babies, whether in your arms or in a carrier, reduces crying, provides comfort and convenience at the same time (baby is happy to be held and you can continue being a pro at multi-tasking with both hands), and there are health benefits for babywearing. Studies show that premature babies who are touched and held gain weight faster than babies who are not . It’s still the norm for many cultures around the world. I have been on the lookout for a new baby carrier/sling recently, as my “BABYBJÖRN  carrier which I have used since Amelia was born ,was getting uncomfortable, her weight was starting to hurt my back when I carried her for long periods of time, as there is no back support. I loved the “BABYBJÖRN when she was smaller.   image   This time round, I wanted to find a sling that would work from Birth to Toddler and that I could carry Amelia on the front,back and on my hip. I came across this beautiful carrier, Free Bird Garden by Olives & Applesauce, on Koalacubs website,  Ireland’s largest specialist baby sling shop.They are dedicated to providing a wide range of baby slings, carriers and accessories to suit Irish families. From the versatile wraparound sling to the convenient soft structured carrier.They have a carrier to suit everyone, whatever your choice. I chose Olives and Applesauce because the straps can cross over your back offering extra support, the body is larger and wider than other slings on the market, which is great as Amelia is getting bigger and heavier, and I use the carrier a lot. I loved the print, bright and something different from the usual black or grey of traditional carriers. image A unique feature about this carrier which I loved, was the adjustable length side straps. When you’re wearing baby on the front, you want the side straps short. When you’re wearing baby on the back, you need them long. I don’t think I would use this for a newborn baby, as I feel they would be lost inside it, as the body is so large. The Olives and Applesauce has an interior pocket, that you can clip baby into, for extra support and it also makes it easier for transfer from adult to adult. I used this initially, but Amelia got too hot, so now I use it without the extra pocket. image image   image I have worn this with Amelia on front, and on my back, I have still to try it on my hip, she loves it on both positions. Pros of this carrier is the wide and tall body, making it suitable for the bigger and taller baby/toddler, the buckles are big and strong, making it easier to use the carrier on your own.The only negative thing I have to add is that you cannot have your baby front facing, this is one position Amelia loved in the Baby Bjorn Original.The Olives and Applesauce carrier has an attached hood. This is great for a younger child,however it is too short to cover Amelia’s head, and I doubt she would leave it on. I have my eye on another few carrier on the website, there are so many beautiful prints and designs to choose from. To see more information on the Olives and Applesauce range, visit http://www.koalacubs.ie

2 thoughts on “Olives & Applesauce Baby Carier Review

  1. Hi Triona!

    I love those slings too! Just to say that you can’t wear your baby front facing because its not recommended to do so. There’s loads of research into it. Basically baby can’t achieve the spread squat position thus putting lots of pressure on their testes and pubic bones. Hip dysplasia is also a problem with front wearing carriers. I’m no expert but so I’m led to believe! Bump to beyond is a great page to follow on FB . X

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