Amelia’s Routine at 14 Months

imageAmelia turned 14 months last Friday and here is her up to date routine and how she is developing.


Walking:Nope,no where even near

Crawling: Bum shuffling everywhere at speeds we find hard to keep up with

Standing:With help, she is starting to pull herself up as far as her knees off the sofa

Words: Mama,Dada,Babeeee,Bye,Hi,and she says boo to every animal she sees.

Loves: Us of course,birds,Cherry Tomatoes,Strawberries,Baby Jake,Swimming ,having her back rubbed and being around other children.


Nappies: Size 4+ Pampers

Clothes: 12-18 months (some 9-12 mths still fit)

Sleep & Daily Routine:

Amelia wakes any time from 6:00-7:00 am. We take it in turns every second day to get her morning bottle. She gets 7oz of Cows milk in her cot,and we lie in bed hoping she will go back to sleep, we rarely ever nod back off.

7am:I bring her into bed with me after a nappy change and she watches nursery rhymes on the iPad or Baby Jake.

8am: We get up and Amelia has either a Weetabx or Ready Brek, 2 oz of orange juice and half a slice of toast.

9am: Back upstairs for a nap,with a 2 oz bottle of milk.Im finding it very hard to stop this bottle,she does not have a soother,so uses this to nod off.This nap is generally 1.5hrs. Sometimes more or less. last week she slept for 3.5hrs at this nap.

11am: Body wash, I always wash Amelia’s face with water and cotton wool and apply Johnsons pink Lotion after with a piece of cotton wool. I have done this since she was born and she has lovely skin. Brush teeth (she loves having her teeth brushed),get dressed and have a snack.Usually water and a yogurt/fruit or crackers. We play in her playroom until lunchtime,or more recently in the garden. Wednesdays we have swimming at 11, and Thursday we go to a Mummy & Baby group.Amelia loves this group, she loves being around other kids.


1pm:Lunch,this varies, she will always have a yogurt after lunch and a few grapes and water. I eat lunch after while she plays or watches Baby Jake.

2pm:Nap time, we go out for a walk in the buggy if it’s dry outside,this nap is approx 1.5-2 hrs. This nap requires a bottle also,just a few oz’s to help her drift off. I really need to break this habit!If she wakes before we get home we go to the park,she can only go on the swings and use the slide,but she loves it.



4:30/5pm:Tea, this is usually scrambelled egg,a bento box or some other finger food, with water.

5pm: Daddy gets home from work (thank god), they play for an hour in the playroom while I prepare dinner.

6pm:Get prepared for Bathtime,Amelia’s daddy does this, Bath,Get Dressed,7 oz bottle with a story.  “Who is London’s Prettiest Princess” is the favourite book at the moment.

7pm: Sleep. Amelia sleeps with White Noise playing and her Sheep teddy “Sean”. She is still in a GroBag and I put a blanket over her on cold nights.


of course some days differ. We may go out for lunch or tea, be out visiting friends or have a bad night. This is generally our routine, I try to stick to it as best I can. After writing this I now have to put a plan into action and try and wean her off those two comfort bottles during the day time naps!Any suggestions?

What is your babies daily routine? Please share xx

3 thoughts on “Amelia’s Routine at 14 Months

  1. Hi my lil girl is 13 mths old our routines are quite similar. Except my daughter doesn’t nap as long and she goes to bed at 9pm. I had the same issue with 4 bottles a day. I had her down to 3 at 8 mths but once she started crawling I just couldn’t get her to stay easy long enough to get her to relax. So like you I had small bottles made up to help relax her. But last wk I put her in her pram in the sitting room beside me at her nap time. I gave her some water to drink(also in a bottle -beaker isn’t working out at the moment ) and pulled the hood up . I had the TV on very low on a programme she wouldn’t be interested in. She just dozed off within 5 mins. This was our routine all last wk. I’m delighted as it has cut out that mid morning bottle. I think the pram works as she knows she can’t wriggle around ! Don’t put yourself under too much pressure about bottles. It will eventually get cut out of her routine you have to do what works for you both!

    • Thanks for sharing Wendy!We are on holiday at the moment and she is drinking so much water and is so exhausted from the sun and swimming that she is napping without the bottle in the morning.Hope this stays when we get home!

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