New Food: Bento Box

This week I introduced Amelia to avocado.I tried to give it to her previously a few months ago,and she spat it out. This time was a bit better.She found it too hard to pick up as it was so slippery, but I put a few pieces in her mouth and she seemed to like it.

In a previous post I introduced Bento Boxes, see here. I have decided for each new finger food I’ll make it up in a fun way such as this. The “Fish Crackers” are just fish shaped,plain crackers,she loves these as a snack. They are an American brand that I got in Donnybrook Fair in Dublin.




Have you tried Bento Boxes or something similar for introducing new foods?Please share.

T & A xxx

4 thoughts on “New Food: Bento Box

  1. I remember those days with my boys, now they are 13 years old and 4 years old. They still are picky with some food, but they love to try new things. This is a great way to introduce our kids to new flavors.

    I found your blog through Bloggy Moms and I would like to extend you an invitation to Busy Mom Monologues Blog of the Month. I hope to see you there! Here is the link

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