The Mummy Tag

I’ve been tagged by a few other blogs in the last few weeks to take part in The Mummy Tag. So, here you go. I tag all the mummy bloggers reading this:

1.Are you a Stay at Home mum, or a Working Mum?

Right now, I’m a stay at home mum. I’ve been off for 16 months (Went on 2 weeks holiday at 34 weeks,then started maternity leave at 36 weeks & Amelia was 10 days late). I’m really missing work, I’m an A&E Nurse,and I plan on returning to work after the summer.

2.Would you have it any other way?

I was planning on returning to work when Amelia was 9 months. We then ended up moving back to Ireland,and there was no rush to return to work financially,unlike when living in London. I feel very lucky to have had the last  14 months with Amelia.This is something I could have only dreamed of when we were living in London. However, I am now more than ready to return on a part-time basis,and Amelia’s grandparents will look after her these two days.

3.Do you co-sleep?

No. There have been some nights where Amelia will not settle and I’ll go into the spare room with her,but it’s not something we do regularly.

4. What is your one must have item for your baby?

Jumperoo by Fisherprice. This became one of the items we still say was the best money we spent. It was like having a permanent babysitter at times.I could leave the room,and she would not come to any harm. We only recently put it away in storage.

5. How many kids do you plan on having?

This is hard to answer,because you don’t know what lies ahead. We would love 4, but will have to see.

6.Date night, how many nights per month?

That would be zero! We have moved to an area that is quite far from our family & friends. We don’t know anyone where we live,so have not managed any nights out. We are moving again soon,and will be near Paul’s family,so hoping the answer to this then, will be at least once or twice a month.

7.Your child’s favourite TV show?

Amelia does not seem to take any notice of TV. On the iPad she will watch Baby Jake, but that’s it.



8. Name one thing you bought before you had your baby and never ended up using?

Changing Table. We never used it,not even once. I changed her on the bed and then had another changing mat,basket of nappies,wipes etc on the kitchen table.Baby shoes,I bought a few pairs in Zara, and she still has not worn shoes at 14 months.She has worn her Uggs as slippers a few times. Until she is walking there is no need for shoes.They do more harm than good to their feet.

9.Your child’s favourite food?

Cherry Tomatoes

10.How many cars does your family have?

One. We only needed one in London,but now we are in Ireland we really need a second car.Thats next on the list of purchases.

11.Weight before,during and after pregnancy?

I’m not sure pre – pregnancy what I weighed,but I wore size 8 clothes generally,I put on approx 2.5 stone in pregnancy and now I have no idea what I weigh,as I refuse to weigh myself. I fit into size 10.Some pre pregnancy clothes fit,but are not very flattering.

12.Dream holiday with your family?

We would love to take 6 months off and take Amelia around the world.

13.Dream holiday without your kids?

We love Dubai,we have been a few times,and would love to go back for a week,baby free.

14.How has your life changed since having your baby?

I have had to learn to cope with not being in control of everything,patience,and we have moved country for her.Im also a happier person.



15.Finish this sentence.”It makes my heart melt to see”…. Amelia’s face when her daddy comes in the door after work.

16.Where do you shop for your kids?

Zara,Gap,Boden,Du Pareil Au Meme,Mothercare,Next,John Lewis

17.Favourite make-up and skin care products?

This changes all the time. Make up at the moment is Estée Lauder Double wear or Benefit Oxygen Wow Foundation. Skincare is La Roche Posay.

18.Huggies or Pampers?


19.Have you always wanted kids?


20.Best part of being a mum?

Unconditional love.


T & A xxxxx

Please feel free to join the Mummy Tag,whether you are a blogger or not. Leave your answers in the comments.

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