Bento Box – Our First

Recently I have noticed Amelia is far more interested in her finger food than what I feed her (except for scrambled egg,she loves that). I always feed her breakfast and lunch,so I know she has eaten at least one full meal. Tea time varies,sometimes I feed her something small and then give her fruit,vegetables or bread sticks etc to pick on,or just let her graze. This time of the day is perfect for finger food,as she will inevitably make a mess of her clothes,hair and anywhere else she can manage to toss her food. She generally smells the food,puts it to her lips (I’m presuming to sense the texture), and then will eat a small bit. It could be then tossed over her shoulder or thrown on the ground,and this goes on and on and on!



Anyway, getting on to the title of my post.”BENTO BOXES”, I have being looking at ways to make Amelia’s food more fun, and after seeing a lot of posts recently from other bloggers,I thought I would jump on the Bento Box bandwagon, and see what I could come up with,and would Amelia even take any notice of my masterpiece!


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Photo Credit

So, what is a Bento Box? Here is a little explanation…….For most Japanese mothers, lunch is not just simple food preparation and packing meals for their love ones, they spend their time arranging the meal in aesthetically pleasing way. These lunch boxes are known as “Bento.” Bento is a Japanese word for a meal served in a box. In history, bento is a packed Japanese lunch box, same idea to, the Korean dosirak, Filipino baon, or the Indian tiffin lunch. Today, they are a vibrant art form admired around the world. Far beyond anything I could ever make for Amelia.

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If you’re interested in creating one for yourself or kids, there are plenty of garnishes and interesting side dishes for your bento. A basic Bento is only divided into 2 parts: half of the lunch box is filled with rice, the other half is filled with a range of complementary foods, such as eggs, vegetables, meat or fish.

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Yes, it takes a bit of time,I categorically will NOT,be making one of these for Amelia every day,and I’m only too well aware that everyone may not have the time to make these up.However, I will make them when introducing new foods and if she is just have snack foods for lunch or tea.If you have a fussy eater on your hands,or want to make introducing new foods fun,this is a really cool idea! Even try it at the weekends for a “special lunch or tea”. They can be as simple or intricate as you like, and obviously the younger the kids the less work involved.

All you need is a lunch/bento box. Some shape cutters,,a couple of containers,some fun sticks and imagination!

Here is our very first Bento Box, I plan on doing a post every week of the new foods Amelia tries, and how to incorporate it into her bento box. This week her new food was Kiwi Fruit.She ate about half of this,daddy ate the rest!


I found this great book on Amazon with brilliant ideas Yum! Healthy Bento Box Lunches for Kids

T & A xxxx

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