The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name – Book Review



A few weeks ago Amelia was kindly sent a book from the Lost My Name team. A beautiful illustrated book depicting the story of  a child who has lost his or her name, and bravely sets off to track down the missing letters. Your child’s name is not just in the book, it is what the story is made of, which makes this book stand out from the rest. It’s written as a rhyme, which helps keep your child’s attention.Well as a family, we love an adventure & exploring, so it was right down our street.Fun, surprising, occasionally scary, mostly marvellous and intensely personal. In fact I would say more personal than any book I have seen yet.




Along the way the child meets lots of weird and wonderful characters, who each give the first letter of their name. This is a brilliant way of teaching your child how to spell their own name, without it being boring and mundane. The books target age range I would say is two plus,but you are never too young to start reading & learning how to spell.




The book is written by three dads (David, Pedro & Asi) and an uncle (Tal). They went about writing the best personalised book ever, and I have to say, it’s fantastic. Well done Dads. They found out when first writing the book that there are  over 14,000 childrens names. So in order to make sure they have a story to suit each name, they have written 30 different stories with illustrations.





In our book the little girl wakes up to find her name missing from her door & did not know what her name was.She set off on a trail to find her name, on the way meeting loads of different creatures & people who help her find her name, such as an Aardvark, Mermaid, Elephant, Lion,Inuit,Angel, who all give her a letter to make up her name.





Books and reading are so important, start from a young age. We love reading to Amelia, and though she has not a clue what we are saying, it’s the practise of reading that is important. “A book is a gift, that you can open again and again” and nothing could be more true for this book. We loved reading it to Amelia & seeing what adventure the next page led to.   I have always said,no matter how much or little money we have, there will always be money for books, and for those who don’t, then utilise your public library.





To create your own book go to for £18.99 & Free P&P worldwide,I think it’s a steal & would make a beautiful gift.It is so easy to order,what are you waiting for?


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Disclaimer: This book was sent to is for the purpose of this review. All opinions are all my own.

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