Changing From Breastmilk/Formula to Cows Milk

Amelia turned 1 three weeks ago,and it was time to say goodbye to her formula and introduce cows milk in her bottles. She had been having cows milk in her cereal & food I have made her since she was about 9 months, and eating cheese & yogurts,so I was not worried about allergies as she had been ok so far with cows milk.


I had already had the experience of changing from Breastmilk to Formula at 6.5 months.I just started by expressing milk & adding an oz of Formula at a time. The transition was pretty uneventful, other than Amelia not taking to the powdered formula.She would cry with her knees bent in her cot,I’m presuming she was having tummy cramps from it.
After speaking to our Health Visitor (Public Health Nurse), she had advised me that some breastfed babies tolerate “pre-made formula” better after the change over from breastmilk,as it tastes more like BM.This is because it is UHT treated,making it sweeter & thicker in consistency in comparison to “powdered formula”. An expensive few months followed,we were spending about £140 a month on formula,but look,we had free milk from me for 6 months,so couldn’t complain very much.

Three weeks ago I started giving Amelia cows milk in her bottle,the day after her birthday.I gave her 3/4 formula & 1/4 cows milk.I increased it every day, maybe a little too quickly mind, as on day 4 she was screaming in pain trying to go for a poo. I even cried with her one day, I felt so sorry for her. She was so constipated.

I stopped the cows milk, gave her brown sugar and cooled boiled water until she was able to go to the toilet normally. Last week I reintroduced the cows milk,(I should add here,always use Whole Full Fat milk), slowly this time. 1 oz at a time,increasing it daily. So far so good. She is still having 1 oz of formula in her bottles for her morning & night time bottle. This will be the last few days of that.Then we can say goodbye to mini Aptamil bottles filling up our cupboards,and searching every shop in our town to find them!!


I would stay clear of “Follow-on Milks”, as a nurse & on advise from my sister who is a dietician, I know that these are a marketing ploy,encouraging you to spend more money.Your child should be getting all their nutrition from their solid food & cows milk by the time they are 1. The World Health Organisation (WHO), has reiterated its position that follow-on-milks are unnecessary for 6-24 month infants and said they are nutritionally dubious.

How was your experience with the transition from BM to Formula & from Formula to Cows Milk?Would love to hear other peoples experience.

T & A xxxx

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