Easter Egg Painting

This morning Amelia & I painted some eggs & her egg cup from
her Easter Basket.Its the first time she used paint and held a paintbrush. Most of the paint on the brush ended up in her mouth,hands, underneath her nails & hair. It was lovely to see her messing with the paint.

I boiled my eggs first until they were hard.


Then dyed them using food colouring (wear gloves, my hands are all stained from the food colouring). I had pink & yellow food colouring at home. Coat your eggs in the dye & leave to dry until you the achieve the colour you desire.

We used poster paint, but another great idea which I’ll use in future is separate skittles into same colours, add skittles to pots of water,just enough to cover the skittles,and use the coloured water for painting.Perfect for little minxes like Amelia, who like to eat the paint!!
I got this idea from Gemma at http://www.expatfamilyq8.com who does amazing arts & crafts with her little ones.

I covered part of the kitchen table & Amelia’s highchair in cling film,so I would not be scrubbing for days,as this was our first time painting I didn’t know what she would do!She was only interested in eating it….I just let her make a mess and knew it could be washed off in the bath!

Happy Easter everyone,hope ye have fun & eat loads of chocolate eggs
T & A xxx

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