Fairy Door Review


This week we were kindly sent a Fairy Door from The Irish Fairy Door Company. We received the purple door, a high quality handmade wooden door. Retailing at €24.95 plus P&P, there are also some lovely accessories, such as stepping stones,wooden door plagues,decals and fairy dust.Presented in a beautiful box, sitting underneath a toadstool. Inside is a little poem about fairies.It has found its home under a tree in Amelia’s playroom. The door can be moved from room to room.Place it by your child’s bed,by their bedroom window,or anywhere you choose.


You choose your door, and when you receive it, you register your door online. Here you will choose your Fairy’s name. We chose “Rose”, then you will receive a ‘Fairy Lease Agreement’.

Picture Credit: The Irish Fairy Door Company

Picture Credit: The Irish Fairy Door Company

The Irish Fairy Door Company, was specially selected by the Fairy Council to provide handcrafted fairy doors for all locations – be it your home, your garden, the office, school or care centre. Actually made by their carpenter in the workshop of a 200 year old cottage in the heart of Ireland, each fairy door is given a portion of magic so that your new fairy can come and go between our world and Fairyland.


They help fairies relocate into homes and gardens all over the world by producing high quality handmade Irish fairy doors; “our aim is to create memorable family moments and a little magic all year round – all YOU need to do is believe!”

The Irish Fairy Door Company,also host Fairy Parties,bringing magic to your little boy or girls birthday party. Parties can be held in English & Gaeilge. See here for more information.

Amelia is still a little small for the door,which comes with a little key. I think from age 2 + is the appropriate age for this Fairy Door, the key is small, so this needs to be kept away from small people that may potentially swallowed. Suitable for little boys & girls.! The Fairy Doors would make a beautiful Birthday,Christmas or Easter Basket present.
When she is a little older, I will place the key in the door to let the fairies out,sprinkle some fairy dust (glitter) & leave a little note at the door from the fairies. We are looking forward to reading stories about the fairies coming out to play.Perfect for keeping your child disciplined (fairies are watching you), a treat before a birthday,Christmas or other holidays. The fairies like to leave little notes after visiting.

The Irish Fairy Door Company have kindly offered a 10% discount to my readers, by entering ” Lon10″ at checkout on your order.

We believe in fairies do you ?? xxx

For more information on Fairy Doors from The Irish Fairy Door Company and stockists, click here.

Disclaimer: We were sent a fairy door free of charge,from The Irish Fairy Door Company for the purpose of this review. Opinions are all my own.

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