When Can My Baby Have Bottled Water

With the lovely warm weather we are having recently & our upcoming holiday, I’ve been increasing the amount of water Amelia drinks. Like the sterilising, I was still giving her cooled boiled water up to today (very slow to get out of our “baby routine”).




Last summer was very hot in London &  we went on holiday to Padstow in Cornwall. I didn’t have to worry about water last year as I was still breastfeeding,and Amelia was getting her water supply from my milk, I just had to be careful to drink plenty of water,which I’m generally ok with.The NHS guidines are as follows.Fully breastfed babies don’t need any water until they’ve started eating solid food. Bottle-fed babies may need some extra water in hot weather. For babies under six months, use water from the mains tap in the kitchen that’s been boiled then cooled. Water for babies over six months doesn’t need to be boiled.






Babies,especially under 6 months,  have immature kidneys, gut etc so aren’t as good as us at maintaining correct levels of salts (electrolytes) in their blood and cells. So if you give water – especially if they’re dehydrated – you’re giving them the water you need but not the salts. In extreme cases this can cause fits, brain swelling and death. Seizures can also occur if you give too much salt (too concentrated formula is the classic) or if a baby is very dehydrated. The odd bottle of water is unlikely to cause any problems but is still dangerous for the above reasons, but also because a baby can’t tell the difference between feeling full of calorie-empty water and calorie and nutrient filled milk. So they can end up failing to thrive if they have too many feeds replaced with water.





The water where we live at the moment has a high lime content,so that is why I have continued to boil the water. I’m not even sure if it makes a difference. I bought a water filter today,and while we are on holiday I will give Amelia bottled water. Bottled water is ok to give a baby over 1, provided it has low salt content.Bottled water is not recommended for making up infant formula feeds as it is not sterile and may contain too much salt (sodium) or sulphate. If you have to use bottled water to make up a feed, check the label to make sure the sodium (also written as Na) level is less than 200 milligrams (mg) per litre, and the sulphate (also written as SO or SO4) content is not higher than 250mg per litre. Bottled water is not sterile, so it will need to be boiled and cooled like tap water before you use it to prepare a feed.




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