What’s in Amelia’s Easter Basket

Amelia’s “Easter Basket”, is more of an “Easter Bucket”, but she is still so small,has no idea what Easter is,has never had chocolate or sweeties, (and I’d like to keep it that way for as long as possible),and she has has just got a playroom full of toys for her birthday recently. So,I’m keeping her Easter treats small this year.


I got her some lovely Burt’s Bees Bath products.Burts Bees Baby Bee Calming Lotion,blend of lavender and vanilla surround baby with a scent that soothes and relaxes.Perfect for babies bedtime. Burts Bees Tear Free Shampoo & Wash,made from 96 % natural ingredients. See here for more Burts Bees Products.
A jumping chick & Paint Your Own Egg Cup,will paint this during the week with her, both from 99p Store,bucket is also from here. I am also going to dye & paint some eggs with Amelia,watch out for blogpost.
Some little chocolate eggs (mummy & daddy will eat them)
Lastly a book.I looked around our local book shops for an Easter themed book,but could not find one.Instead, I chose this lovely book,written in Irish (Gaelige), our national language.I thought it would be a lovely introduction to the language for Amelia.
Is Geal Liom Sibh go Leir (You’re. All My Favourites),by Sam McBratney & Anita Jeram. This is a
gorgeous, reassuring story about three little bear siblings, who one day begin to wonder how they can ALL be the “most wonderful bears in the whole wide world” to their parents? Mummy Bear and Daddy Bear must set about reassuring their three little bears – who are all different – that each one of them is equally special and equally loved. A winning combination of irresistibly soothing storytelling and warm, playful watercolour art makes this a quintessential picture book for families who wish to read and learn Irish together.
See here to purchase.


Will you or have you an Easter Basket for your child?What will you put in it?

T xxx

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