Flying With a Baby

This is an old post that I said I would reblog, as we are half way through our holiday in Portugal. Flying this time round was pretty similar, other than earlier flight time,longer flight & Amelia refused to sleep. This time round I downloaded a load of free apps on the iPad, and did not make the mistake I made last time- some of the apps did not work without internet access. So, I made sure to ask the lovely ladies at Irish Parent Bloggers and find apps that worked while flying- here is the list I downloaded:

-Toca boca
-I hear ewe
-Peekaboo barn
-Sesame Street what’s in Berts bag

I also figured a way out of locking the screen on the iPad,as Amelia was forever swiping the screen and coming out of the app she was watching.
1.Go to Settings
5.Guided Access (turn it on), it will take you through the next steps.

We returned from London last night,after a brilliant weekend with our friends (and Amelia’s). I’d like to share my top tips for travelling with a baby.


Amelia is used to travelling long journeys at this stage,especially in the car,as we used to drive from London to Ireland,so in the last 12 months I have learned how to prepare and minimise the stress,as much as I can (I still get stressed mind).


We bought Amelia these headphones when she was about 6 months,she loves watching Baby Jake,but somehow I knew that our fellow passengers on Irish Ferries,Stena Line,Ryanair & Aer Lingus, would not share her love for listening to it on repeat for 4 hrs.I know after 12 years of travelling whether it’s on planes,trains or ferries,that children get bored,whine,scream and cry. I generally never minded it too much,but it can annoy other people. I’d like to say I’m a mum who can just think “if they can’t listen to my baby crying,then they can move”,but I’m absolutely not,I do care that Amelia crying would upset other passengers,so, I keep Amelia entertained as much as I can.
These headphones will keep your little one quite,while not disturbing anyone else.They are highly padded,and very soft.Ideal also for the back of the car.
Click here for similar product.


We checked in our buggy in our Bugaboo Travel Case (I also hid some extra bits in here,toys,nappies etc),free with all airlines (even Ryanair).We took our Bugaboo,we did think about buying a lightweight stroller for travelling,as we are going away in a few weeks on holiday,but decided against it,as Amelia always sleeps really well in her own buggy.I used my Baby Bjorn Sling for around the airport,and for boarding the plane. We didn’t have a long wait before boarding,so minimum hanging around.I have got so much use out of my sling and would highly recommend them.There are so many baby slings on the market,I will do a review soon on them.
See here for our Baby Bjorn Original Sling.

We gave Amelia her breakfast at the airport. You can take milk and medicines through security,without it effecting your own liquid allowance. I took 3 bottles of Aptamil milk,Neurofen,Calpol (with a syringe) & some teething gel. I packed two bottles for the flight,her water,snacks,small books and a few quite toys.
Bring a blanket,cardigan/jumper (planes can get cool). Enough nappies,wet wipes and a change of clothes (just in case).
Our flight was delayed by 1 hour,we were stuck on the plane for the time of the delay,but thank god for the iPad,headphones and an early morning flight.Amelia slept for most of the time,she sucked on her bottle for take off,give your baby/child,a bottle,sippy cup or something to suck on for take off and landing to help their ears pop. The hum of the planes engine,and the movement kept her asleep.We were even able to have breakfast a d coffee while she slept on my lap.Another tip here is, fly early or late,you have a greater chance of your baby sleeping.
Our return journey was not as easy,Amelia was awake for the whole flight,despite it being 2 hours past her bedtime. She was kept entertained by the lovely passengers behind us,Thank You to them!

We generally wait until most people are off the flight until we attempt to disembark. It’s easier,you are not under pressure to rush,and the queues at passport control will have died down.

While my husband put our buggy together,I went to change Amelia out of her baby gro and into her clothes.Let your baby fly in a baby gro,it’s comfortable,lightweight and much easier for changing nappies.

Click here for link to buggy bags.

There are many universal Buggy Travel Cases also on the market. click here to see more.

What are your top tips for travelling with a baby or child?

Love T xxx

10 thoughts on “Flying With a Baby

  1. Having them drink a bottle or take a soother (if they have one) on take off and landing helps with their ears ‘popping’. For older children a sticker book is a great way to keep them occupied. Kaela loves her Trunki, we let her chose which toys / books she would like to take with her on the plane. She can also sit and ride on it and we can pull her along if her little legs get tired in the airport. Be mindful if you are taking a longer journey that children’s meals and bassinet’s need to be pre-ordered with the airline.

  2. Not a pro but I’ve had a couple of flights that I wouldn’t want to repeat! By far the worst age for flying is around 18 months, they’re just too young to understand what’s going on but also want to show some independence. They also don’t get their own seat until they are 2 so it can get a bit uncomfortable after a while!! I’ve found that on the whole the stewardesses are generally more than willing to help, especially if you are travelling alone. I’m like you – I’m very aware of disturbing other passengers. I’ve only had one man be rude to me when Kaela was around 2 months old, he didn’t want to be sitting next to a baby. But, to be fair, we were sitting in the bassinet seats so I’m not entirely sure what he expected?! X

  3. Great tips Triona! I need these as we’re flying to Jersey next month and Portugal in August and I am so nervous about how my boy will be on the plane, he never sits still!

  4. God bless the iPad! I’m doing a couple of flights this summer and all the tips are very helpful! Though she’s too young for the iPad just yet (4.5 mths) – you said yours was 6 months – what did she watch? I’m going to get prepared for my august flight!

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