I have been making this pasta salad dish for years,and thought it would be nice to share it, as it’s so quick,easy and really tasty. It’s not from a receipe, I kind of got the idea from a pasta lunch (in a plastic tub) I used to buy in M&S when I was working. I generally make it for BBQ’s and parties (this is the pasta salad dish we had for Amelia’s party), and only add the chicken if we are having it for dinner like tonight,served with a side salad.It’s delicious both hot and cold. Pesto can generally have a high salt content,but seeing as Amelia is now 1, she can have a little.If you are really worried about the salt,then you could make your own pesto,which is also pretty simple.It is also lovely with some spinach and toasted pine nuts sprinkled on top.



Fusilli Pasta
Cream Cheese
Vine Tomatoes or Cherry
Olive Oil
Chicken (optional)
Pine nuts toasted (optional)
Spinach (optional)



Boil Pasta as per instructions to al Dente
Pan fry or grill chicken if using
Drain pasta and using warm pan, add pesto and cream cheese until soft.
Mix together with pasta & chopped tomatoes
Add chicken,spinach and sprinkle toasted pine nuts in top if using.
Serve with side salad.


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