Yesterday my sister in law sent me a message, wondering what she should buy her friend,who has just had a baby. Before Amelia,I always generally gave friends gifts of clothing when they had a new baby. When Amelia was born,we were showered with gifts,I knew I was having a little girl from about 18 weeks,so had bought loads already.We very generously were given nearly a whole wardrobe of more clothes as gifts for Amelia.She didn’t have time to wear half the stuff,which was such a shame.People have different taste, what one person loves,another may not like at all, and unless you know exactly what style they like,I’d stay clear of clothes.We appreciated everything everyone gave us,along with the beautiful cards,with lovely messages inside.


My Top Gifts given to me on the birth of Amelia and along the way, and what I will continue to give people from now on are as follows,hope this helps people when thinking of gift ideas,they are only ideas,shop locally where you can.Spend what you can afford,

1)Vouchers- Mothercare/Mamas & Papas, these can be put towards clothes,nappies,furniture,toys etc.

Tesco/Dunnes/Supervalue/Boots/Superdrug-these are great,buying formula,nappies,wipes and food adds up.These are just as good,if not better than clothes shop vouchers,especially if it’s not the first baby.

Marks & Spencers, Next (Clothes,especially their vests wash really well)

Zara,Debenhams,The Little White Company,Gap



2) A nice baby blanket,trust me,you can never have enough.I have a friend that buys gifts, of beautiful Lambswool Foxford Blankets. Avoca also do beautiful blankets. I still love my Foxford Blanket. http://www.foxfordwoolenmills.com

http://www.avoca.ie image

3)Muslins,you can never have enough.Extra LArge ones are great for swaddling & breast feeding. From my experience Bamboo Muslins are great,extra soft and wash really well.There are plenty on the market,here are just some examples:

aden + Anais http://www.adenandanais.co.uk

Earth Mother http://www.earthmother.ie

Amazon http://www.amazon.com

Precious Little Ones http://www.preciouslittleone.com image


4)Fleece lined Bibs. Funky Giraffe are my choice for Baby Bibs.

http://www.funkygiraffebibs.co.uk image



5)Sophie the Giraffe,or any other soft teether. http://www.sophielagirafe.co.uk image

6)Sleeping Bags http://www.gro.co.uk (also stocked in TKMaxx plus many more places)




7)Hand Cream,between washing hands and bottles,those hands dry out quickly,and it’s a nice present for the new mum.



8)Nice Candle for the new mum,such as Jo Malone (I love her candles) http://www.jomalone.com




9)Voucher towards Baby’s First Shoes

I love these as a first shoe, will go with anything.Click here for more details.





http://www.johnlewis.com image


10)Supply of nappies (find out which brand she is using) image


What were your favourite or more useful baby gifts? Or what do you buy for friends that have had babies? Please share and comment xx

2 thoughts on “WHAT TO BUY…BABY GIFTS

  1. I agree with all especially the nappies!!A work collegue gave me Annabel Karmel’s baby and toddler meal planner book…..best gift I ever recieved!! As for giving gifts I prefer to give vouchers along with one of my mothers hand knitted baby cardigans!!

  2. I agree about clothes – the girls got given far more than they could ever wear and I simply didn’t like some of those we were given. Also (especially with Kaela as she is a March baby) we got given some winter clothes which were of no use to us whatsoever (I sound so ungrateful – I’m not, it was lovely to get so many beautiful gifts!)
    Shoe vouchers are a great idea as it can cost a fortune. Their feet grow very quickly and you need to have them re-measured every 6-8 weeks at first. Darcie had the navy ones you have posted a link to – they looked adorable and as she has a very wide foot fitted her very well. I’ve found that Birkenstock make the nicest and hardest wearing sandals for when they’re a little older. They look nice with shorts and dresses. I’ve found that Clark’s or specialist baby shoe shops are the best for measuring / fitting.

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