Buggy Reviews

For most first time mums,the biggest and probably most expensive purchase you will make is the pram/buggy/stroller you choose. So you need to be well informed,set your budget,check out all the baby stores in your area,check online and read reviews from real mums.I’ve only bought one buggy (Bugaboo Cameleon 3 All Black Edition,bought in Mothercare,London),  I sent around a message to some friends,all with different types of buggies.I asked them,which buggy they chose,why they chose it,what they like and anything they dislike or would change.This is what they had to say- Starting with me:

Triona: Mum to Amelia age 12 months I chose the Bugaboo Cameleon 3, all Black Special Edition. image image My husband and I loved the look of the Bugaboo,how versatile it was in that you could change the colours from base,apron and hood and the footmuff when changed into a stroller.We changed the hood and apron to sand colour,and when we changed it into the stroller,we put back in the black hood and bought an off white footmuff.I have my eye on the Teal coloured Liner We liked its black frame. The Basinette can be use as a travel cot,which we used twice at 7 weeks and 16 weeks. The Bassinette is big,and bugaboo recommend leaving babies in this lying position until 6 months,which we did. It’s so easy to manoeuvre ,and put together. Easy to clean,covers can be washed at 30 degrees and footmuff is coated in Teflon,so if like me,I spilled coffee on my off white footmuff the first day I had it,nearly had a heart attack while pulling out the baby wipes,and it ended up wiping clean,no stain. Great on all terrains,can remove two wheels and use on snow and sand. The stroller part (after 6 months), reclines back flat for sleeping,and has two upright positions.Can be used facing out or towards you, I’ve yet to turn Amelia around.




Things I would change- Be able to add on another seat,if we have another baby.I think Bugaboo are really missing out on a market of women here. The Raincover does not fit properly when changed from pram to stroller. The basket is small,and when using it with the basinette for the first 6 months it was near to impossible to get anything in or out without first lifting the basinette off. Extras are expensive,such as the parasol £30,I really wouldn’t bother.Last summer I spent most of time running after mine in busy London roads.The adapters that attach to buggy and car seat are expensive,so be sure you will use before you purchase.I used mine about 3 times.Bugaboo is compatible with most car seats. It’s two pieces,we have a large boot,and it just about fits.That all said,I love my buggy. In Ireland Mothercare do not stock Bugaboo,for best value,I have been told that Tralee Nursery Supplies in Co.Kerry are one of the best in Ireland,supplying a wide range of buggys from Bugaboo,a Upababy and many more.Also available from Mamas & Papas and Bellababy.


http://www.bugaboo.com http://www.mothercare.com




Amanda:Mum to Emily 16 months expecting baby no.2

We have the bugaboo donkey and purchased it in Peppermint, Chiswick. Have had it for over a month now and so far so good. We had the cameleon for 14 months and absolutely loved it so when we were started to look for a double it seemed best to stick to what you know and all the accessories are universal so we didn’t have to buy these again. The donkey (mono) is surprising close in size to the cameleon so no problems with doors or pavements so far. I can’t say just yet what it’s like in duo mode as I only have it in mono for now. Pros: Side by side Lovely to push and manoeuvre even with one hand which is great when you need to open doors Option to face both seats In and out Easy to switch seat positions Don’t need to buy rough terrain wheels for donkey as the wheels can be adjusted Large basket for storage Cons: Both take up alot of booth space Am finding it tricky to unfold All bugaboo accessories are separate and expensive so cost rises Will be very wide when maxi cosi car seat is attached.









Amy:expecting first baby in July

Just bought the icandy peach. Was torn between Bugaboo Cameleon and Icandy but decided on Icandy as it can have a second seat. Couldn’t tell you if it’s good…..come back to me in July.






Suzanne:Mum to 3 year old Roisin & 4 month old Ailbhe.

I bought the Phil and teds vibe…Tralee Nursery Supplies,only thing I didn’t like was the appearance of the new baby “pram” part but it’s excellent and the double kit on it is fantastic. http://www.traleenurserysupplies.com

http://www.philandteds.com image image


Hannah: Mum to Issabella 15 months.

I have the Uppababy Vista, it’s been my best friend! Absolutely love it!!! I bought it because it came top of the Which? report and very glad I did. The basket is the biggest of all the prams on the market and the wheels lock if you want to use it for running/exercise (which I have and it’s been fine). The built in UV sun shade is invaluable as a shade all year round for nap times and the vent in the hood was great for keeping Issabella cool in the summer. The bassinet is nice and deep with lovely soft padding. The seat moves into 6 different angles facing both forwards and backwards. Another great thing about the seat is it will last the child until they’re 4 so if you need to pop out and they’re ill you can still go out and about. It’s the best buggy around in my opinion!



http://www.traleenurserysupplies.com image


Fiona:Mum to Kate 3 & Emma 4 weeks.

Uppababy vista, absolutely love it. Tralee gas supplies! Loads of extras , pull out sunshade SPF 50), insect net, & rain shield for both bassinet & pushchair . Huge basket underneath which is a major plus for me! Rumble seat attachment available for second child, plus a piggyback skateboard, all very simple to attach ! The only thing is that it takes up so much space in the boot of the car as the frame itself is quite big ! I couldn’t recommend this buggy enough ! image


Shauna:Mum to Dawson 6 months

I have the Jane Trider 3 wheeler with great suspension good for running and off road.Its a travel system with car sear, buggy, and the best part; a hard shell pram/carrycot that can be put in the back of the car. Weve used it to drive from Uk to ireland twice. Baby slept most of the way. http://www.pramworld.co.uk

http://www.preciouslittleone.com image


Lisa:Mum to Lilly 7 months

We bought the purple version of Baby Elegence Beep Twist It comes with pram,carrycot, & stroller very reasonably priced also included is rain cover for pram! The carrycot can be used in any car without the isofix, the wheels are easy put together it just pops up & is quiet compact & light! We purchased ours in The Pram Centre, Kilkenny & the manager put it all together for us, Overall it’s easy get around narrow cobbles in Kilkenny and nice & tidy going in & out of shops even the granny’s can manage putting it together! The only problem I find with it is attaching the carrycot to d wheels as lily gets bigger it’s harder to lock it with balance that would be my only issue with it. http://www.pramworld.co.uk


http://www.preciouslittleone.com image


Therese:Mum to Ethan 13 months

Bugaboo Bee Review: purchased online at Pramworld. Positives The Bee can be folded quickly and easily and with the seat in place. It is small, light and compact to the extent it will fit into a small car boot. It’s so easy to push and manoeuvre. It has an adjustable handle which is good for posture. The Bee is designed for the urban lifestyle. The seat is forward and rear facing and reclines in both positions. The seat also extends forward and upward so grows with the child. It can take a child up to 17kg. All covers are removable and can be put in the washing machine. Negatives: Attaching and removing the main seat to the chaise can be difficult.The seat is forward and rear facing and reclines in both positions. The seat also extends forward and upward so grows with the child. It can take a child up to 17kg. All covers are removable and can be put in the washing machine. Negatives: Attaching and removing the main seat to the chaise can be difficult. Access to the basket is difficult when the child I’d forward facing. When the seat is forward facing in the reclined position with shopping /baby bag on the handle bar the Weight is not distributed equally which can cause the front wheels to lift. The rain cover attachments poor- one snapped after 2 months.




http://www.bugaboo.com image


Kirsten:   Mum to Sonny & Alfie,both 13 months


Bugaboo Donkey in Duo.

Pros: it is so easy to manoeuvre and incredibly light to turn – I can turn it with one hand. It is great off road too, you can go into two wheel mode and pull it over sand / pebbles, which is brilliant when living by the sea. It is extremely versatile with its seating arrangements – more than any other double, I believe. I wanted the boys to be side-by-side and facing me when they were tiny, and even now most of the time. Lots of doubles don’t offer that. I don’t like pushchairs where one baby is above the other, and so wanted a side-by-side. I probably would have accidentally kicked the one on the bottom, oops. It folds many ways, although I have had problems with the folding mechanism – see cons. You can make it a single seater – I love this. I used to have one twin in a sling and one in the pram. It’s great when out with just one of the boys. I also love the shopper. The adjustable height handle bar. The colours are nice and it is a smart, relatively sleek design (for something so big). Okay, so it’s not the bee. It is not ridiculously long. Seriously, I saw some doubles that were as long as a bus (well it seemed that way to me at the time). One even had a steering wheel type mechanism. I nearly cried when I thought this was my twin future. It is a bugaboo and beautifully made. It fits in our Golf.

Cons: It is expensive. It cost more than my first car. (That was a while ago though.) As with everything Bugaboo all the extras cost a lot extra. I had problems with the folding mechanism sticking; it used to really annoy me as I couldn’t fold it quickly. However, Bugaboo / Mothercare aftercare was great and they replaced my frame, no problem. I still find it a bit awkward though. I have heard other people say the same, so I think there is probably a general problem with this. I bought a 2nd hand City Jogger to leave at my Mum’s and it folds in one simple, brilliantly clever motion – a lot, lot easier than the Donkey. It is wide. But then I have twins, there will always be challenges. I just find a shop door I can fit through




http://www.traleenurserysupplies.com image  What travel mode do you use for your little one?Why did you choose it?What do you like and dislike/would change about it?

Please share xx

5 thoughts on “Buggy Reviews

  1. Lisa mom to Matthew 11 months

    We chose the phil and teds promenade we wanted a double buggy and I wanted a big size shopping basket because I don’t drive I also wanted a sturdy strong buggy because I do a lot of walking so one with good wheels
    In the promenade I got everything I wanted
    It has airless tyres and a seat which converts to a lie flat bassinet this was my favourite feature as you just have and all in one pram so to speak it goes from bassinet to stroller just adjusting straps and using the clip at the top to adjust lying and sitting up positions.
    The seat can be forward or rear facing and adjustable footrest , extendable handle sun hood with zip out extension and front wheel suspension.
    Easy to adjust put together
    I’ve used it as one buggy but already can see from using it will be a great double buggy
    For age 0-4 years and each seat will hold 18kg

    When using as a bassinet we had to buy a mattress it’s not very deep then when tis was added but it was fine I used it all the time during the day
    It’s a very big frame so takes up most of our car boot space
    The rain cover doesn’t fit the pram properly when its in the upright stroller position
    Extra bits are costly like the adapters for the carseat. The seat lining and foot muffs are all extras. My friend had a spare baby elegance liner and foot muff which fit just fine so we saved a bit there!

    I’ve recently bought a mama and pappas stroller which I can’t seem to stop using a lot easier for going in and out of the shops!

  2. I also had the iCandy Peach 1. I loved it as a single and it was bought so it could also be used as a double in the future. I have loved it and it is still going strong 3 years later. The bassinet was lovely and big and both the girls used that until they were 6 months old. It is big when folded though (into two parts). Luckily we have a large boot. I wasn’t as keen on it as a double. It was fine when Darcie was a newborn as she could still go in the bassinet but as they both got older and went into pushchair seats I found the second seat to be rather small and neither if the girls were happy to be riding in the back where they couldn’t see. Having said that I believe the iCandy have made changes to the Peach since I bought mine and the second seat is now bigger (I haven’t actually seen one, just read about the changes online).
    The Peach has been great but after three years and a lot of love & use if we’re lucky enough to be blessed with another baby then I’ll be hoping to sell it on and treat myself to a new buggy.
    As you know, we do an awful lot of travelling and have had the misfortune of witnessing first hand how airlines throw the buggies around once they go into the hold. So for travelling I have a Babyzen Yoyo which is just amazing. It folds small enough to fit into the overhead lockers on board the plane and has a over-the-shoulder strap to make carrying it a breeze. Darcie weighed around 13kg when we travelled last year, having the Yoyo from the plane and through passport control made such a difference rather than having to wait until baggage collection to collect the buggy.

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