Birthday Party DIY IDEAS

We are having a small birthday party for Amelia this weekend.When I bought her new pink and white candy stripe curtains for her room I thought of this idea for her birthday.Pink and White Stripe,very girly.
I’m going to do the food,and a friend will make her cake. Cupcakes by Dee (find her on Facebook,Cupcakes by Dee). She made Amelia’s Christening cake,and I loved it. These are the pictures I sent of ideas for the cake.Really looking forward to seeing it.

Amelia’s Christening Cake

I’ve made some decorations myself,and bought everything else from eBay or Etsy,I’ll set up a table.and people can just take what they want. We will only have approx 4 children under 2 coming,so it’s more of am adults party.
I made these pom poms yesterday,cheap and easy to make.The cheaper the tissue paper the better,so get some in a £/€ store.


1.To make the pom poms,roll 8-10 sheets of paper back and forth to make a fan.
2.Use a piece of wire or string to tie in the middle.
3.Cut to round edges.
4.Place a piece of string into the in the centre to hang.
5.Pull out each piece of tissue paper individually to create your pom pom.

I’ve also made these cones (so cheap),from paper doilies. Just roll and stick with a piece of tape. I’ve used pink ones here. I’ll use them for popcorn and sweeties.


Here is a few other bits and pieces I’ve picked up over the last few months,will post after the party to see what it is all like together. What did you do for your child’s 1st Birthday?


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