St.Patricks Day,Farewell Trafalgar Square.


This day last year I was sitting in our London flat,4 days overdue,afraid to go too far away from the house,and feeling terribly sorry for myself that I was missing all the Paddys Day craic (fun) in Trafalgar Square. This, was, I suppose the end of our all day drinking,requesting Paddys Day and the next off work.Myself and my husband went to Uni in Edinburgh and then down to London.Edinburgh was just as great fun,and being Irish away from home,we really did milk it.
London on Paddys day, before Amelia,started off with a big fry somewhere in town and then on to Trafaglar Square,meeting with friends,and ending up in some mess in Waxys or some other Irish bar,resulting in very sick heads.Oh how all that has changed.


Today was Amelia’s first St.Patricks Day,and first parade. It’s the first time I’ve gone to watch a parade since I was about 12. It was far too uncool after that age. Today,there was no sight of beer or dancing around drunk with friends in a square,not caring about the rain or cold. Nope,today we were like any other family with a small child,standing in the rain,worrying about whether she was too cold,was she getting wet,was she tired or hungry,while we watched the local Irish Dancers,Scouts,Pipe Band and so many more groups walk up the Main Street of where we now live.Amelia had not a clue what was going on,and was far more interested in pulling glasses off a strangers face next to us. We stayed for an hour,and are home now drinking tea and coffee. Save last year,this has been my most sober Paddys Day in a long time. Yes, I would give my right arm to be heading up to Waxys right now,and drinking the night away,but not in exchange for Amelia.

What did you do today for St.Patricks Day?

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