So last week I saw a picture online similar to what I have done.Handprints of my husband,Amelia and I stacked. I wanted to give it a try,and had no idea if it would even work out.First attempt was a success. It took a few days to complete,having to leave paint dry.I used an old picture frame,painted it cream and sanded the edges.Here is how we did it.

Cut some card to the size of your frame.

We used poster paint,it washes off easily and dries quickly. I left each hand print for 12 hrs,before doing the next.Here is Daddy’s hand.
We used poster paint.First handprint is left dry for 12 hrs.

Choose a contrasting colour and let dry. Mummy’s hand.
Second hand print,choose a contrasting colour.

Take a lighter colour (I just mixed some white paint with a tiny bit of red),and do your child’s hand.Try and get someone to help you with this part.Once it was dry,I wrote Daddy,Mummy & Me on top and March 2014 below.

Once dry,and your happy,pop into a frame. I’m thrilled with the final result.Its not perfect,but we made it together.Great memories.

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