Teething….Our Journey

My experience with teething or Tooth Eruption in medical terms,has been a learning curve,like any other first time mum!Amelia appeared to start teething at approximately 4 months,biting,chewing and irratable. Unfortunetly for my little girl, her first tooth did not appear until she was 10 months.

Chewing on my Toy

Chewing on my Toy

Needless to say we were all delighted to finally see a tooth.
Amelia has been different in her teething journey, in comparison to the average baby,or what the books tell you. She was a “dry teether”, little to no drool,which I have been told is incredibly painful.I have friends who could change up to 15 bibs per day, when their little ones were teething.I had bought a mountain of pretty bibs in advance,but they weren’t needed.

chewing Sophie the Giraffe.

chewing Sophie the Giraffe.

Another thing that was different for Amelia (in comparison to what the books tell you), is that her first tooth was her bottom front tooth,then her top front,bottom tooth again,top side teeth and then top tooth again (bit of a mind boggle!).

Generally your babies teeth will develop in this order-
The bottom front teeth and then the top front teeth (or the bottom and top incisors) rear their pearly white heads first, followed by the teeth immediately to their side (the lateral incisors). The first molars are usually next, followed by the canine teeth (located between the lateral incisors and the first molars), and, finally, the second molars (around your baby’s second birthday).

At 11.5 months,she now has 6 teeth,they all just came together,which has resulted in a lot of sleepless nights,refusing food,stinky nappies and a cranky baby.

Main signs of Teething
1. Drooling,or in Amelia’s case,no drool.
2.Chin or face rash,red cheeks,spots in cheeks at site of tooth and dry cheeks.
3.Coughing,all that drool can make baby cough and gag.
4.Biting,pressure from the tooth emerging can be painful,so counter pressing (biting),is your baby’s way to relieve it.
5.Pain -this is pretty obvious
6.Low Grade Temperature
7.Diarrhoea-this has never been proven,but I know Amelia gets “bad” nappies when teething.
8.Irritable and not sleeping,this is due to pain.
9.Pulling at ears and cheeks,the nerve endings from the gums are all connected to these.
10.Refusal to feed,this again is generally due to pain. Give yogurts,baby rice,ice cream,custard and Amelia loves cool sliced cucumber.

My “go to” products for teething are-
Sophie the giraffe (I pop hers in the fridge),or any other type of teething ring/toy.
Nelson’s Teetha Granules (I rub the granules along her gums).Available from all leading pharmacies.
Calgel Teething Gel- it’s the only thing that worked for me in regards gels.Only available in the UK,so get friends to order you some.We moved home with a couple months supply,Amelia’s Aunty and friends send us some when needed.
Calpol and Neurofen every 4 hours or as recommended.Ensure to read instructions and give correct dose.

http://www.boots.ie http://www.boots.co.uk


When did your baby get his/her first teeth,how was it?Did they come in order?Wet or Dry teether?
Would love to hear other peoples experience x

2 thoughts on “Teething….Our Journey

  1. I also have a dry teether…never knew about this could be extra painful… Cheers for that bit of info! Matthew has 4 teeth 2 bottom at 6 months two top at 10 months! We used the Teetha gel and teedex which is marketed for 2 year olds we give him a half dose 2.5mls recommended by a paediatrician it helps him to sleep when the pain is aweful bad! Love the blog Triona following everyday

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