BREAST IS BEST OR IS IT? An honest opinion

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A Little Londoner

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When I found out I was pregnant, making the decision to breastfeed was pretty straightforward. As a healthcare professional, I felt I needed to  put into practice what I preach, knowing the benefits to mum and baby.

Research has shown that (from, a breastfed baby is less likely to get sick with gastro-enteritis, ear, chest and kidney infections. Breastfeeding also gives some protection from asthma, eczema, diabetes and obesity. Breastfed babies have better mental development. Their teeth are straighter too because breastfed children have better mouth formation.  Later in life, their risk of suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease is also lower.

Breastfeeding means better lifelong health for your baby and better future health for you too. So time spent breastfeeding is well worth it.

Amelia was 10 days overdue on her birth date, and I had a fairly uneventful labour/delivery. She was put on my chest…

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