Our Sleep Routine………What Routine????

From the day Amelia was born she has been a pretty bad sleeper, during the day. Night is much better.
I breastfed for 6.5 months, which meant Amelia was awake, every 2 hours looking to feed. this continued for many months.
When she was about 4 months, she started sleeping through the night,we were thrilled…..it lasted a week! We went on holiday to Cornwall, and the change completely threw her out of sync.
we have battled with sleepless nights, but daytime has been worse.Amelia slept with a Slumber Bear, which played white noise from birth, http://www.princelionheart.com and available from other retail outlets. It got her off to sleep, she found it soothing and as we did not give her a soother/dummy/pacifier, it comforted her. We now continue to play white noise from an app we have downloaded, Sound Sleeper, its brilliant. We had originally downloaded the free app, it gives you a choice of noises (hoover, rain,ocean,wind etc), and plays for 30 mins. for £2.50 you can download the app to play continuously I through the night. It keeps her asleep, I’m sure of it. She sleeps with the Ocean or Hoover noise.Maybe it a habit we will regret, but it works for us! When we lived in London, we had a one bedroomed flat, so my husband and I had to listen to it too, we got used to it after a while!
Amelia is 11 months now, and we have a very definite routine in place.She has always had a bath, from around 8 weeks at 18:30, every night, a book once dry and dressed and then a bottle. she is generally in her cot for 19:00 and asleep within minutes, she sleeps with Sean her Sheep on her face…..we take it away and she puts him back on top.

Amelia and Sean

Amelia and Sean

She now will sleep until anywhere from 7 pm to between 5 am and 7 am. if she wakes before 6am, I give her a morning bottle in her cot and hope she will go back to sleep,other times I take her into the spare room once she wakes,with a bottle and try and get her back to sleep.
Sean has to be included in her pictures @ 6 months

Sean has to be included in her pictures @ 6 months

We get up at 8am and Amelia has breakfast, baby porridge and a slice of toast with unsalted butter. I give her some Orange Juice diluted down with water with the toast.
We play for a bit, she goes into her Jumperoo and then at approx 9:30/10 am she will go down for her morning nap with a 3 oz bottle. This nap can last from 30 mins to 1.5 hrs.
depending on what time she wakes, I will give her a snack, sliced cheese and sliced grapes or a yogurt and some cooled boiled water.
Lunch is anywhere from 12-13:00, with water.I give her again a small bottle 2-3 oz at 14:00, and she will take a 2 hr nap, either in her buggy, when we go for a walk or her cot. I never get as long out of her naps when she is in the cot, so try and get out for a walk every afternoon.She will have a snack on waking again, sliced cucumber and sliced baby tomatoes are her favourite at the moment.
Tea is about 17:00, with water and then we play for a bit, or Amelia might watch some TV while playing in the living room.I find at this time it’s easier to let her watch tv and wind down before bath and bed.
Amelia and  Sean, travelling home to Ireland on the ferry at Christmas , wrapped in mummy's coat!

Amelia and Sean, travelling home to Ireland on the ferry at Christmas , wrapped in mummy’s coat!

I used to get so upset when I’d hear of babies that slept through the night from the first few weeks, and into routines straightaway. I now realise, every baby is different,some babies just need less sleep than others, and some are just bad sleepers, and will get there in the end!I am pretty obsessed about routine and sleep,as we went through 8 months of very little sleep, in a one bedroomed flat. The sleep deprivation is like a form of torture, and can effect everything, your relationships and your mental state, to name but a few.
What routine if any is your baby in??
please feel free to comment!x

8 thoughts on “Our Sleep Routine………What Routine????

  1. I love routine im a bit obsessed about bed time if im honest. My 17 week old boys now sleep from 9 till 7/7.30, but its not plain sailing in the day from about 6 every evening till about 8 they get there cranky hours in which you can’t do anything to settle them only rock them in your arms. Which is fine but when my husband is working n I have 4 under 4 its pretty impossible.

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