Baby Fruit Crumble, A Firm Favourite


I try and give Amelia at least one piece of fruit every day. She is only now really taking finger food,so I give her part cooked,sliced apple with a sprinkle of cinnamon,Pear and sometimes Bananas (she has to be in the mood).
A firm favourite in our house at the moment is Annabel Karmel’s fruit crumble. Amelia would probably eat this for breakfast,lunch and dinner if I gave it to her!
Give it a try,I promise your baby/child/husband ;-), will love it! It’s such a simple, fool proof receipe,even the worst cooks won’t go wrong!


3 Strawberries,husk removed and quartered
1 ripe pear,pealed and chopped
1 Peach,peeled and chopped


Put all the fruit into a pan,heat gently until all the fruit has softened.Puree the fruit,for older babies,leave some lumps.Crush the rusk in a plastic bag with a rolling pin.
Mix the crushed rusk into the fruit mixture,pop into some pots.Freeze once cooled.

This will make roughly 3-4 portions,I generally make four times the amount and freeze.

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