MUMMY FRIENDS – Essential for new mums.Dedicated to my NCT group

June 2012, I found myself in London, pregnant with my first baby,with a great husband and lovely friends,but I did not have friends with children.I had fantastic work colleagues,who dished out advise,but as any Londoner knows,meeting up with people outside of work is very difficult unless you live in the same area. I had one friend at work who was pregnant at the same time,and lived roughly in the same area,she became a closer friend as our bumps grew,we were a constant shoulder to lean in for each other, I will always be so grateful to have had her around at that time, thank you H.C. Our babies were born 13 weeks apart,so at times,we were at completely different ends of motherhood,but she was my adviser and remains a great friend.
January 2013, I started my NCT (National Childbirth Trust) antenatal classes. The NCT is the UK’s largest and most respected independent provider of antenatal support.I had the option to take the free classes at the NHS hospital that I was having Amelia in, but after a lot of research,I decided to go to the NCT classes in my local area.
I sat next to a girl on the bus home one day when I was about 37 weeks pregnant,she asked me if I was doing NCT classes,and that they would be the most expensive friends I’ve ever made but would be invaluable -oh how right she was!
We (myself and my husband), arrived at the first class in early January and met 5 other couples,who were to become my lifeline,backbone and second family.We all hit it off immediately,and once the classes had finished after about 7 weeks,and we have commenced maternity leave,we started to meet up at least once a week.We would eat cake,drink tea and coffee (decaf of course!), moan about being fat,big babies,not sleeping,our husbands and of course,LABOUR!
The babies came one by one,Amelia was the last,they are all 1 now,and we are waiting to celebrate Amelia’s first birthday
When all the babies were born we had a lovely reunion in L.S. house,babies,mums,dads and our lovely NCT leader L.T.
We all joined baby massage,music classes,swimming classes and almost spent every weekday together.
Summer came with sunny sky’s for the summer in London we spent our days in the parks,trying out buggy fit first,and sitting down to picnics after,the babies were getting big so fast,but of course we didn’t notice this.
We supported each other through breastfeeding,bottle feeding,sleepless nights,weaning,teething and returning to work,with the anxieties of putting our little ones into child care.
One of the girls announced her second pregnancy in July,we were a just thrilled for her,there is now another mum expecting.We have had nights out,which ended in some very bad hangovers!
I have now moved away,as are three other couples soon,I miss them dearly,we speak every week,and we will all see each other again in a few weeks for a big First Birthday Party in London for our special babies.
This is why doing ante natal classes,joining mummy and baby groups is essential…it keeps you sane. Being a new mum can be isolating at the best of times. The first month will be filled with visitors and getting to know your new baby,then you will need something to fill your days with. Go and meet your forever mummy friends like I did.
T.B,L.S,K.E.,S.M and S.E.,husbands and babies,I will be eternally grateful for our friendship xx

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