Amelia’s 1st Birthday

With Amelia’s first birthday fast approaching I’m busy trying to organise her birthday party (I cannot believe she is almost 1), and deciding on her birthday gifts.
We were keen to get her a traditional rocking horse, something that would last and could be passed down through the family, however after much thought, we decided to wait another few years, as she could end up hurting herself on the one we had in mind.
I think we have made a decision and have gone with a traditional wooden pram and a soft rocking horse from Mamas and Papas.
Her Uncle is kindly getting her a rocking chair from ikea and her godmother/Auntie has got her a beautiful floral Tepee Tent.
Thanks to Kerry at for the idea for the tepee tent!
What did you get your child for his/her first birthday?

1)Posy Wooden Pram £50
2)floral wigwam/tepee £79.99
3)SUNDVIK white rocking chair €30
4)Mamas and Papas Rocking Rosie Pony £59.99
5)Handmade Rocking Horse MARS IV Cheval à bascule MJmark £199.99

Many websites will only deliver to the UK, so be sure to use Parcel Motel for these

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